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Chinese medical practitioner.
Member and advisor for the Institute for Complimentary Medicine ICM now ICNM..

Arthritis. (and its many forms)

Fertility/Infertility treatment.

Cancer treatments.

.Major organ function.

Abnormal immune systems.

56% Success rate.

Fare Practice treatment. This means that if the patient does not achieve pregnancy by the end...  

Chinese medicine.

During the course of the past 24 years Mr John Hall has diagnosed and treated countless numbers of patients. His treatment aims to work with the NHS treatments in order to maximise his patients chances of overcoming their illness.

Chinese Medicine has a history dating back thousands of years. The efficacy of which is well documented and side effects well known to the modern practitioner. It is the preferred method of treatment for millions of people worldwide. This is a system of medicine based on the well being of the individual as a whole, rather than the well being of separate organs or systems. That is not to say that Chinese medicine is not capable of identifying disease, quite the contrary, it is also able to understand  the dis-ease which is often experienced by patients despite the inability to identify a specific cause. Sometimes the whole is greater than the parts. However it has also proven to be a good companion to “western medicine” within Chinese National Health Service Hospitals where the two systems sometimes work side by side for the better treatment of the patients.

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John S. Hall


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Chinese Medicine
Fertility treatment
John Hall trained at the Fook Sang College of Traditional Chinese Medicine with the highly respected Dr. Bernard Kai Lam Lee, where he was awarded Fellowships in both

Fertility treatment.